Belly Casting Services

Preserve what your pregnancy looked like and cast your belly!

This is best time to do this is during the last few weeks of pregnancy around 36-38 weeks. Of course you can do it later too, but you never know when labor will kick in, so be cautious with how late you schedule. If you are a doula client of mine, we try to combine the casting and prenatal visit when possible. The belly casting process takes about an hour to complete. I come to your home with all the materials needed and I will cast your torso in gauze plaster strips. Once it’s dried, depending on which option you choose, I either leave it with you or take it home with me to artistically finish it.

Raw Plaster Belly

This option would be if you’d like to have a belly cast, but want it left in the raw plaster. You can choose to leave it as is or to decorate it yourself.

Artistic Finish Belly Cast

With this option, I take the belly cast home with me and will give it an artistic finish preserving it for years to come. You can choose to have it hang if you’d like or leave it as it to place on a shelf. We discuss different colors and styles and when it’s finished you’ll have a beautiful piece of art!

It was such a simple and fun experience and I love the final product!

Amber J. 2/11/2020

 “Noleen is such a creative and skilled artist! I was amazed at how she brought the final product together.”

Amber M. 6/7/2020

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