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Noleen exceeded my expectations on all fronts, she came with a Mary Poppins bag of doula magic, but most of all she shared with us her full presence. She was able to move seamlessly between doula and photographer, a pro at both! My husband very simply describes Noleen as “a real pro” and she is.

Alison E. 5/13/18

Working with Noleen was an absolute joy! She was easy to communicate with and was so helpful in answering all our questions. She really helped to encourage and empower my husband to be my number one teammate. We are so grateful for her! Elise P. 6/3/2018

Noleen was a source of peace and strength throughout labor. And she had this amazing gift of saying just the right word of encouragement at the exact moment I needed to hear it. In short, I’m not sure I could have done it without her by our side! Her presence and support made the births of both our children beautiful and empowering experiences. Emma Z. 2/18/2018

Working with Noleen was such a blessing, she has a beautiful grounding energy about her that was so extremely helpful during labor. She helped me not only during labor but was a true support during the whole process of pregnancy and beyond. I am beyond grateful for everything Noleen has done for us. Hannah P. 4/24/2018